Culminating from 50 years of Trakway experience, welcome to Live's industry game-changer.

Heralded by customers as "a thing of beauty" and "a swift and safe install" - TigerTrak™ is a heavy-duty ground protection system like no other.

With no mechanical fixings, it has a patent-pending 'drop-n-lock' connection, resulting in one of the world's fastest systems to install.

Independently slip-tested, it is certified as 'low-risk' and the aluminium rigidity and layout method improves load deflection hugely, making it one of the safest systems ever. 

  • Tiger Trak Stage support
  • Tigertrak trakway
  • Tiger Trak trakway indoor sports pitch
  • Tigertrak
  • Tiger Trak trakway ramp

TigerTrak™ plugs the gap between heavy-duty, crane-installed trakway and lightweight, pedestrian plastic systems.

It is ideal for:

  • Heavy loads on prestigious surfaces e.g. Stadiums, Sports surfaces, Concourses, Golf courses and Parkland
  • Where timescales or access is tight
  • HGVs and crane access up to 12 tonne per axel
  • For protection of delicate, level, stable ground

TigerTrak™ needs no HGV/Crane to operate it, with no mechanical fixings, it is rapidly installed by hand at up to 1000 sq/m per hour!


  • Lightening-quick to install and recover with it's 'drop-n-lock' design (patent pending)
  • Installed with as little as two people
  • Either laid in a 3-meter roadway or:
  • Laid in 'brickwork' formation to form a super-strong platform
  • Half panels allow negotiation around obstacles
  • Improved load deflection over plastic systems
  • Anti-slip surface with absolute zero trip hazards
  • Very low-impact base to protect turf and prestigious surfaces 
  • Galvanised edge ramps
  • Made from recycled material & recyclable again
  • Seamless with Supa-Trac, negating a trip hazard


"Tiger Trak gives an incredibly neat finish and makes it so much easier to butt it up against other surfacing products. It went down quickly and easily, looked great and did the job we needed it to. I was very pleased with it"  - Zac Fox, Head of Operations, Kilimanjaro Live 

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...a note from Trakway veteran and Live's MD, Dale Robinson

Less is more...

“My Dad used to say ‘Don’t complicate it, stick to the knitting’, he had a ‘less is more’ view of problem solving.  He started the Trakway industry in the 60s and invented the first Trakway panel, a simple concept that is still the industry standard today.

40 years later we designed our 5th version of his concept, LionTrak. A real market-leader, independently tested and certified. It is requested by name and is installed right across Europe. LionTrak has never been equalled.

Despite its success, installing Heavy-duty trakway using HGVs can be overkill, especially on delicate surfaces such as arenas or where access is difficult, for example indoor sports halls. Then at the pedestrian end of trakway, plastic isn’t ideal for heavier vehicle access, so we decided to develop something that plugged the gap and completes our 360° trakway solutions portfolio.

TigerTrak™ is a revolution in temporary access - a compact and strong aluminium system that doesn’t need a lorry-crane to lay. It is light enough to be installed by hand yet capable of spreading 12 tonne axel loads.

The patent-pending design has no bolts or cam locks, just a ‘drop-n-lock’ connection that runs the whole length of the panel. This achieves a super-secure, locked-in heavy-duty platform. TigerTrak’s simplicity results in a floor that practically lays itself, at lightning speed - up to 1000 sq/m per-hour! - 4x quicker than a bolted system.

Installed with as little as 2 people, it can be laid anywhere - from 3x metre wide roads to large pads in any configuration. We lay pads in a cross-bonded ‘brick wall’ pattern to achieve superior strength and protection, ideal for HGV or crane access and temporary structures. It is also seamless with Supa-Trac for a trip-free join.

This product is another first for Live and true to our heritage; we’re striving to pioneer the industry by reducing the reliance on HGVs, while speeding up safer operations.

TigerTrak™ has already proven itself this season with major touring acts and it has gained fantastic feedback from our customers and venue groundsmen.

TigerTrak™ is a real game-changer - it ensures there is less build time, less environmental impact and less risk to your operations. With TigerTrak™, we think less is definitely more!”

Dale Robinson

View the TigerTrak™ Case Study page or Technical Specification page below:


With over 50 years of trakway innovation, LIVE’s new heavy-duty turf and ground protection system TigerTrak is a temporary roadway like no other.