LIVE is a team of geotechnical access experts who fully understand ground access and crowd management and how to safely control them. Drawing on our 5 decades of technical experience, we ensure your site's infrastructure is the foundation of your project's safety and success.

The ENGINEERED solution

Geotechnical expertise

When it comes to safe access on site, LIVE has a unique methodology. Our Engineers begin by assessing the ground conditions, the predicted loads, their tamping frequency and predicted weather variations in order to calculate an exact solution for your site conditions. The design will reduce soil liquefaction risks, assist crowd control and secure your perimeters. We investigate everything below and above ground - from underground utilities to overhead transmission lines, everything is surveyed and planned to mitigate risk.

Cone penetrometer geotechnical Live Trakway

Highest performing products

Trakway and fencing is all the same, right? - with over 50 years’ experience, LIVE has designed and exclusively own some of the world’s best systems.

All our flooring products have been independently slip tested to BS 7976-2.

Slip testing

Our leading heavy-duty LionTrak has been independently strength tested and certified in Germany, our Bridges are designed to Euro code LM1,LM2 and LM3 to EN1991- 2:2003 and our fencing and barrier systems are tested by the Metropolitan Police and meet certification for event licenses to be granted.

Live Trakway product testing LionTrak

Qualified personnel

LIVE holds 46 accreditations. Our Advisory Desk, Field Engineers, Security Planners, Quality Supervisors and Installation Crews all gain continual training in our academy to attaining the right sector accreditations – there isn’t anyone in the field better qualified than a LIVE operative.

Live Trakway academy training learning

Safer operations

LIVE developed the first Trakway panel, the first clamp, the first specialist installation vehicle and more recently, the first vehicles to have all-round driver safety cameras. The knowledge across our 350+ employees ensures we control, secure, bridge and make the impossible passable for you, without risk. As part of A-Plant, we benefit from a much wider safety protocol across every sector of the industry, so you can rest assured that LIVE ticks every safety box there is.


Additionally, we can rely on the support of our other A-Plant divisions to provide Value Added Services, together with a full range of tools, plant and equipment to provide a 'one-stop shop' to help you meet your project goals.