LIVE remains the highest award-winning company in the sector. Our essential services reduce build and break times, improve personnel and public safety and reduce your environmental impact.

We create the infrastructure for outdoor events to operate and grow, right across Europe. We cover all sectors including; music (stadium touring and festival), sport, street, winter, trade and media broadcast.

Live Trakway Event Awards
  • Outdoor Events Glastonbury Festival Live Trakway Barriers
  • France French Open Live Trakway
  • Live Trakway Supa-Trac TigerTrak Stereophonics
  • Glastonbury Super fortress Fence Live Trakway Barriers
  • Live Trakway Supa-Trac event
  • Live Trakway Crown Control Barriers

We provide a unique Engineered solution, as part of a complete managed service - from the initial site survey, through to the recovery. We pride ourselves on formulating tight partnerships through early planning with the customer and your other event contractors on site.

Our Engineers understand ground behaviour far beyond any competitor and are technically experienced to assess the loads, traffic frequency and CBR reading of the ground to calculate an exact Trakway solution across the varying terrain of your site.

Our Barrier and Fencing systems are tested to destruction by the Metropolitan Police for their own event operations - a contract we have held exclusively for over 40 years. Our crowd control and perimeter security experience has enabled us to design these products to fulful a compulsary part of major event licenses in order for them to operate legally.

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