We have over 50 years’ experience in the energy sector and frequently supply equipment for utilities, transmission and renewable energy projects. With a ‘cradle to grave’ project management protocol, we can help ensure that programme plans are adhered to and work seamlessly alongside other partner companies.

Our experience includes the Transmission, Wind, Solar, Hydro and Gas sectors.

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Cost-effective access

From restricted city access to saturated moorlands, we can get you in, safely and efficiently, whatever the load. As an alternative to temporary aggregate [stone] roads, our trakway solutions can reduce your costs and environmental impact significantly. See our study

Offshore and SSSi

Our SSSi and environmental expertise enables us to protect delicate ecosystems and protected heritage sites. We have a number of non- contaminating and low-impact solutions that ensure the environment remains undamaged and has a sustainable future. See case study

Heavy Haulage

We not only provide access into remote sites, we can assist with your total route to site, from beach access to temporary highway leveling and all types of heavy bridge solutions.

Perimeter Security

Our high security fencing solutions (tested by the Metropolitan Police) can protect your site from theft and vandalism. From 4m, non tamper, to self-supporting storm-resistant systems, we have the solution.

Case Studies