We are the pioneers of the 'Trakway' industry since 1966. Our technical engineers and award-winning Trakway flooring systems gaurantee the safety of any project requiring heavy, medium and light duty access, from the stability of the heaviest cranes to the safety of pedestrians and protection of delicate surfaces.

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  • Supa Trac

Our range of trakway includes access solutions in aluminium, plastic and timber, each with differing capabilities, applications and options for installation.

But don't worry above selecting the right product, our Geotechnical experts will survey your site and design the exact solution for maximum safety.

Aluminium Trakway

Our aluminium trakway offers a robust and heavy-duty solution for roadways and walkways, allowing vehicles and pedestrians access to areas with soft, wet or damaged ground.

Plastic Trakway

Our plastic trakway systems range from heavy-duty roadways to lightweight walkways and sports turf protection.

Timber Trakway

Where super-heavy steel track vehicles require access across the most challenging terrains, we offer two great solutions: our hard-wearing timber Bog Mat, and our Emtek timber system - a modern, engineered, and lighter alternative to traditional bog mats.

Accessories for Trakway

Live's Trakway Accessories are integral components that can increase the safety of the installation depending on the requirement.