Eve Customers Can Walk on Water

Eve has played an ace with the launch of Pontoons into its vast hire fleet. The robust floating and certified systems are used to provide access over any type of water, whether inland or at sea.

As the boundaries of where Eve’s customers are required to work expand further, and the need for more innovative solutions increases, the introduction of Pontoons is proving to be a popular addition.

Head of Product Integration for Eve, Carl Rumney commented, “The Pontoons offer our customers in both construction and events a really unique solution. They can provide innovative and safe pedestrian and vehicle access, they can be built to almost any configuration required and are easily deployed on rivers, lakes, reservoirs or at sea, essentially allowing our customers to walk on water!”

Carl continued, “The Pontoon systems, which feature a special nonslip surface are very flexible, as depending upon the application they can be connected in a number of innovative ways and even be double stacked. We’ve got requirements for them to provide safe worker support for bridge maintenance work, access to coastal construction locations and across rivers and ponds for guests at festivals and events.”

After hiring a 41.5 metre Pontoon Bridge, Councillor Peter Wilson, Deputy Leader of Chorley Council said, “Putting the temporary crossing on our lake was the ideal solution for providing pedestrian access, whilst also not disturbing the wildlife.”

Through Eve’s stringent compliance procedures all of their Pontoon operatives are fully trained and after each project every unit is individually inspected.