Top 50 Fast Track 100 for 3 Years Running!

Amazingly, LION Trackhire are in the top set of Britain's fastest growing companies yet again.

We returned for a rare third year in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table.

This is the 19th annual Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100. Last year was a surprise for us to be ranked twice, but to be ranked for 3 consecutive years is quite a rarity according to the league table officials. Even more amazing is the fact that LION are only one of eleven companies who have achieved three consecutive years AND out of those eleven we are number six in the rankings!

It's surprising that with our strategic plans of consolidation and raising quality, we have grown a further 32%. We have invested in more 'steerable' panels which allow tracking around obstacles but more importantly, they avoid untidy and unsafe overlapping of panels where the trakway changes direction. We can even connect them side-by-side for a 6m wide roadway.

Since designing the first ever Track Panel in 1965, LION engineers have become the leading experts in portable roadways and consider themselves the World leader for quality, service and capability. We make the impassable, passable!