Reinventing the Military Fascine

As pioneers of the industry, we are always innovating. Based on a customer's requirement, we have reintroduced the Fascine, a military application to add value to our award-winning trakway system. The simple bridge concept was employed in wartime for tanks to cross streams using simple bundles of logs which would fill the gully, allowing the tank safe passage.

Today, LION’s reinvention uses polyethylene pipes, connected by steel ropes into bundles. Re-engineered by the founder of the Trakway industry, John Robinson and our youngest Engineer and Head of Business Development Lee Ward, Lee explained the simplicity of the design.

"When these loose bundles of pipes are lowered into a gully, they find their own 'shape', filling the void exactly. Multiple Fascines can be used to fill wider and deeper voids. They are then topped with LIONtrack panels creating a seamless heavy-duty roadway and bridge."

Each point/axle load has been independently tested and certificated to easily accept 12 tonnes. In addition, when multiple layers of trakway are installed on top, a far greater strength is achieved. The 12 tonnes capability alone covers virtually all heavy-duty road going vehicles today. Together with John's 50 years of temporary access road knowledge, we have been able to re-invent and modernise this simple but extremely useful product.


  • An alternative to expensive, heavy portable bridges
  • More stable than portable bridges
  • No heavy cranes required to install
  • Light and easy to install in seconds
  • Capable of carrying the largest road-going vehicles
  • Tested and certificated at 12 tonne, 60mm radius point load
  • A fraction of the cost and timescale of traditional bridges or aggregate solutions
  • No damage to banking
  • Environmentally friendly, no contamination, marine friendly
  • Traditional Bridge Platform

Unlike a temporary bridge, which adds it’s own weight to the ground before traffic load, LION’s Fascines support themselves and spread the load inside the gully, rather than concentrating the load directly onto the bank sides, where there may be a risk of collapse. The fascine also negates the requirement of remedial bank work to accept a traditional bridge, not to mention the expense of crane hire to install the bridge.

The Fascine is very environmentally friendly and a clear alternative to aggregates which are costly and contaminate the area, not to mention increasing the project timescales significantly. The pipe configuration also allows the continued flow of water and any marine life.


Trenches, streams, gullies and small rivers. Heavy duty support to bridge voids and create a safe, seamless portable roadway.


12 tonnes per axle directly on the Fascine, but a higher load is achievable when a LIONtrack panel is positioned on top. Double layering the panels adds even more weight capability.

Variable gully lengths, depths and widths are achievable by duplicating fascines and panel layers.