Eve Show Their Strength with Record Breaking Bridge Move

Eve, the UK’s leading supplier of temporary access systems, recently took part in a major project within the Infrastructure sector, as their trakway panels were used to protect part of the M56 motorway enabling the movement of a 2,000 tonne bridge which will form part of the HS2 route. 

The hugely impressive move represents the largest single load to go over Eve’s trakway in their 50 year history!

Eve were contracted to install 700 of their aluminium hybrid panels, utilised as a large pad in front of the bridge, at various points along the M56 and at the finishing position for the huge section of bridge. The job involved moving the load from its build point adjacent to the Manchester Airport slip road to its final point on the M56. The new bridge is designed and being installed to allow better rail and metro (tram) connections to and from Manchester Airport.

The bridge was moved utilising massive SPMT remotely operated cranes, which have approximately 40 wheels on 20 axles, all capable of turning independently. The equipment is highly specialist and required trakway to prevent the wheels causing any expensive damage to the roadway when turning with it’s heavy load.

As a major UK motorway, the timescales for access to the site were very strict, with the motorway closed from the evening of 27th February until the early morning 2nd March 2015. The window of opportunity was tight for completion of the move and there was no allowance for the project over-running. By all members of the project team working collaboratively, the work was completed on time and with no damage to the load, the crane or the motorway.

Eve’s Account Manager Chris Pugh said of the project, “It was amazing to be involved in something that is an historic moment in Eve’s history. The project had a number of key challenges, but these were managed by effective planning and meticulous team work, making the job look easier than it actually was! The panels did their job superbly, look fantastic and it’s a real credit to our crews that this job was such a success.”

Eve also demonstrated their flexibity and capacity when the customer made a last minute request to have stock and staff on site as a contingency for the weekend. By utilising the company’s Haydock depot, crews were re-distributed and 200 panels were delivered to site within hours, swiftly giving the customer peace of mind and showing the strength of Eve’s nationwide depot network and stock levels.