Eve Launches ‘Game-Changing’ New Trakway Panels

Eve, the UK’s leading supplier of temporary access systems, this week launched its latest trakway panel, the Emtek Panel.

The Eve Emtek Panel is a temporary access roadway system, specifically designed for use in boggy and extremely wet areas, and Eve has exclusive rights to supply and install this product in the UK.

The system, supplied by American company Anthony Hardwood Composites, is designed to supply access under the most extreme conditions, and is ideally suited to the industries where superior support is required for huge metal-tracked plant and construction vehicles. The wooden mats are made using American hardwoods which are laminated, glued and pressed to create a super-strength panel, with natural defects such as knots and wane removed to add further quality. The wood used within the mats is also sourced from certified sustainable forests, ensuring that the materials used have a low environmental impact.

Eve’s Managing Director, Nigel Quinn, says, “The Eve Emtek panels are game-changing within the temporary access industry. We knew from talking to our customers that they wanted something different to the traditional aluminium and plastic panels that could be used for long-term hires in extreme conditions and using huge machines and metal tracked plant. The Eve Emtek panel is that solution; we have invested a significant amount in research, testing and procurement to get this product available for market, and are delighted to be the only trakway supplier able to offer this truly heavy duty solution for our customers.”

Another factor unique to the trakway industry is that all Eve Emtek mats are proof load tested at the factory for deflection and strength, with any billet not passing the strict design properties not put into circulation. Deflection comparisons carried out against aluminium mats showed the Emtek product deflecting three times less when put under the same load span pressure. With compressive strength, the mats are designed to support 4,123psi on solid surfaces.

Carl Rumney, Head of Product Integration at Eve, adds, “Eve’s Emtek Mats are the only panels on the market for which load bearing calculations can be produced. This has massive health and safety benefits for customers as they can accurately ensure that they are utilising the correct panels for the ground conditions and vehicles that are being used on site; it eliminates the risk of the trakway failing and any potential hazard is therefore negated.”

Nigel adds, “We have invested significantly as we believe that the product is hugely beneficial to the infrastructure and construction industries in the UK. Eve has mass rental capacity and our customers can save huge sums of money by allowing us to store, deliver and install the panels rather than them going through an expensive procurement process. The Eve Emtek Mat is also great value, and is much cheaper per linear metre than any BogMat or timber matting on the market.”