Transmission Refurbishment Works, North Wales

Eve worked alongside the Energy Alliance throughout 2014 on a major refurbishment project to transmission towers all over North Wales.

Customer Name

Energy Alliance

Project Location

Trawsfyndd to Treuddyn ZK Route, North Wales

Products Used

TuffTrak, K Trakpanels, Box Trakpanels, Hybrid Panels, Vehicle Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges


March 2014 - December 2014

A challenging project over multiple locations

The project was a huge logistical challenge for Eve’s site operations team, as the various towers were located in some of the most challenging environments within the UK. During the planning phase, the project team had to develop plans to work across farmland, peat, mountain terrain, and land owned by the Forestry Commission, each with their own challenges and quirks. Our role in the overall contract was to ensure that sites were accessible by negating the impact of adverse ground conditions, enabling the client’s team to work on each of the towers as per the refurbishment project plan. Timescales were of the utmost importance, so Eve’s installation needed to be meticulously planned and agreed with the Energy Alliance, with any changes in details absorbed into the work schedule.

Work began on site in earnest in March 2014, when operatives installed two 11 metre bridges across fast-flowing streams at the foot of the Snowdonia Mountains. The first of over 14,000 trakway panels, placed during the year, was then installed just a week later and, during the following 37 weeks, Eve completed a monumental 34,546 panel movements throughout the various sites in the contract, covering both outage dates on Circuits 1 and 2.

Throughout the duration of the works, there were a number of key challenges and obstacles to overcome. The locations of the works were not just a challenge because of the rolling Welsh landscapes, but also negotiating the narrow local roads in the HGV trucks. Eve’s experienced driving teams ensured this was not an issue and all movement of equipment was undertaken without issue or complaint.

Moving the trakway from each location was made more complicated by the weather, which was constantly changing and made more extreme by the remote location of some sites. A huge achievement by the team was moving substantial amounts of panels over a 60 mile long transmission line, from Eve’s temporary yard at Corwen onto site.

Communication is key!

Communication was also of the utmost importance, both from adapting to changes in the clients’ work programme to the technical process of communication on remote sites. Eve's project team held regular and consistent meetings with the customer’s team to resolve any changes and adapt the work schedule appropriately. This line of communication helped to develop the working relationship and trust between all parties. In some of the more remote site areas, such as working in the Snowdonia National  Park, the team utilised satellite telephones to firstly ensure that should there be any accident on site, the crew were able to contact the emergency services, and also to maintain contact with other members of the project team.

One of the key aspects of the success of the contract was Eve working alongside the client to clear sites quickly, safely and efficiently once works on a particular tower were complete. By clearing these sites collaboratively, the project was able to move on to the next site on schedule, and ensured no slips in contract timescales.

Overall, the contract was highly demanding but ultimately rewarding for the Eve team who worked on it. In total, over 450 loads were recorded for deliveries and collection of Eve products (both to and from site), with 32 members of staff working on site at some point of the contract, equating to over 6,000 man hours worked! The end result was a very satisfied client and an enhancement of Eve’s already superb reputation within this important industry sector.

“I would like to congratulate Eve on a very successful delivery of at times a difficult programme; I would even go as far as saying the project was most successful that I have been involved in over the past 5 years. Your team have been exceptional and shown that they understand the needs of the transmission sector; in my opinion they have that extra mile to ensure that we have delivered safely and to programme. Your staff are an asset to any project and show exceptional organisation and communication skills as well as invaluable experience (basically you understand what we want!). I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Vinnie Jones, Project Engineer, Energy Alliance

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