Tour de France Grand Depart

La participation d’Eve dans le Grand Départ est un grand succès! (Or, as they say in Yorkshire, where Stage 1 began, Eve’s involvement in the Grand Départ is a grand success!)

Customer Name

Innovision/ WRG



Products Used

HD Barriers, GT Lightweight Barriers

Eve was successful in winning contracts to provide 140km of barriers to the 101st Tour de France Grand Départ in 2014 as the world’s elite cyclists battled for the yellow jersey across the three UK legs; from Leeds to Harrogate, York to Sheffield and Cambridge to London.

Eve's barriers ensured that cyclists and fans were safe (not accepting any responsibility for the crash that forced Mark Cavendish to retire after Stage 1!) as the Tour passed through Yorkshire towns such as Harewood, Otley and Skipton, Elland, Huddersfield and Holmfirth, en route for a grand Mall finish in London. 

Project Management

Key to the success of any project, but especially one with mass crowd participation (approximately 3.5 million people turned out to see the Tour’s UK legs), is to work closely with customers to understand and execute their requirements precisely and efficiently. Eve's customers needed to have a fully serviced offering to enable them to organise and execute a world class cycling event.

For Stages 1 and 2, Eve worked alongside WRG and committed a dedicated Project Manager to the contract from early May, increasing this resource to two Project Managers in June. Embedding this resource enabled them to understand the requirements of the route, working closely with key stakeholders to plan a detailed build, and an event day and de-rig schedule that fully specified where Eve staff would be on any day of the project.

The build schedule was planned following meetings with various councils to understand what the intricacies were for areas within their boundaries. This included challenges such as narrow walkways on high streets, in villages that could not have barriers put out until the day of the race, agreeing areas where Eve could stack barriers and walk them into position when roads closed on race day, to areas where Eve's team was able to put out barriers in the days leading up to the event.

This process was repeated for our Stage Three customer, Innovision. Again, Eve committed a full-time Project Manager to the contract from April to fully understand the project requirements and mitigate any potential challenges. On all three race days an experienced Eve representative was on hand in the control centre to enable a fast and efficient response to road closures/ re-openings, and to help deal with any issues encountered on the day.

Delivery (in numbers)

  • 133,000 metres of barriers installed in conjunction with Eve's delivery partners (that’s over 82 miles!)
  • 10 Eve Project Managers looking after individual race sectors
  • 90 staff from labour supplier Gallowglass to lay out the race configuration and for ‘locking down’ the route
  • 12 hour shifts worked by Eve teams - the cyclists were not the only guys grafting on race day!
  • 4 teams organising the pre-deployment of the race route along the 210 km route
  • 4 the number of sub-depots Eve operated out of, enabling effective delivery of the project (saving travel time and costs to client)
  • 14,342 barriers purchased by Eve for the project
  • 28,150 barriers cross hired from suppliers


Eve’s hard work during the Tour de France Grand Départ was a huge team effort. The dedication of expert personnel in planning and installing the project, together with providing world-class customer service, enabled a successful contract to be delivered at a truly memorable sporting occasion.

“WRG worked closely with Eve from the outset of the project in the knowledge that the scale of barrier deployment across the two days would be a first in the UK. This indeed proved the case, and Eve, supported by the WRG project management team coped brilliantly with the installation requirements along almost 400km of route. Eve’s project management worked tirelessly to make the event a success and were superb to work with.”

Tim Elliott, Managing Director, WRG

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