T in the Park

New venue, new challenges!

Customer Name

DF Concerts Ltd


Strathallan Castle, Perthshire

Products Used

Box Trakpanels, Hybrid Panels, EuroMats, SupaTrac, LD20, Super Fortress Fence, Fortress Fence, Height Restrictors


June 2015 - July 2015

After T in the Park ended its eighteen year run at Balado in 2014 due to health and safety concerns, the festival returned in 2015 at the new venue of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire, for the beginning of a new era.

Eve has been part of the festival infrastructure for many years and, once again, was on site early in the process to provide a range of solutions to allow the main build to take place safely.

A week after the initial delivery of Eve’s Height Restrictors, the main build commenced, with Eve supplying a variety of aluminium and plastic trakway panels to meet differing needs around the festival site. Supplying over 2,500 panels, Eve’s crews worked alongside the client and other contractors to ensure the build phase went smoothly, and all trakway was installed for use eight days ahead of the first acts performing to the 85,000 capacity crowd.

To ensure the festival caused as little disruption to the public as possible, Eve’s Super Fortress Fence was used to screen off the properties of local residents and also act as an acoustic barrier to minimise noise. This is the first time Eve’s famous fencing has been used at T in the Park and was erected in just three days.

Overcoming the challenges

The project was a challenging event for the Eve crews, and there were many hurdles to overcome. These included the first year of working on a new site, dealing with residents, working alongside multiple contractors and, as with many contracts Eve has completed in Scotland, the weather was subject to big changes throughout the duration on site. The weather looked like this could be an issue, so Eve’s teams were on stand-by over the show weekend to deal with any last minute changes, additional requirements, and any problems which could arise as a result of the inclement conditions.

To minimise these issues, Eve worked in close communication with DF Concerts, and committed to utilising the same crew throughout the duration of the project. This included the build, stand-by and de-rig, and the customer welcomed this approach to working as it kept consistency, and provided assurance that the team knew the project, the site and had relationships with the site management.

Successful outcome for all involved

Overall, the debut of T in the Park at Strathallan Castle was a triumph, both musically and commercially, and Eve was at the heart of the successful infrastructure. On the back of this success, Eve has since agreed a new deal with the customer to be their preferred contractor for the next few years of the festival, and is delighted to be involved in this prestigious event.

"Thanks to Eve and their team for all of their assistance at T in the Park this year. The crew and their positive, no-problem attitude has been refreshing to everyone he has worked alongside."

John Wilson, DF Concerts

"T In The Park is THE event within Scotland’s festival calendar and 2015 was no exception. Despite the challenges of managing the new site at Strathallan, the organisers should be exceptionally proud of what they managed to achieve within such a short space of time. We worked closely with the organisers from inception to execution to ensure we understood their event infrastructure requirements and to make sure we delivered on time as per their specification."

Emma Farr, Account Manager, Eve

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