Syracuse, New York Transmission Project

During the Syracuse, New York project, Eve’s Emtek panels were utilised to create temporary access over swamps and wetlands in the US to allow renewals and upgrades to outdated transmission lines.

Customer Name

National Grid (US)

Project Location

Hamlin Marsh, New York, USA

Products Used


Eve’s American supply partners Anthony Hardwood Composites, supplied timber roadway to provide access across four projects for the National Grid in the New York and Massechusetts areas, totalling just over four miles in length. The second largest of these projects was in Syracuse, where 1.7 miles of roadway was provided over marshland - this trakway was in place for 90 days to enable contractors to carry out essential work to upgrade these ageing infrastructure facilities. In total, there were 250 trucks needed to transport the materials for the project, and contractors were able to do this safe in the knowledge that the Emtek panels were easily capable of carrying the loads over the boggy ground.

Minimising the impact on the environment

An essential factor in making the project a success was ensuring that the works created as little environmental impact as possible. The Emtek panels helped to minimise disruption and damage to the marshlands, and ensure that there was very little residiual materials left on-site from the transportation of equipment and personnel.

The project was completed successfully, including overcoming further challenges such as facilitating the need for last minute changes to the layout and placement of the Emtek panels. Crews on site were able to liaise closely with client site representatives to understand their requirements fully, and move the panels to suit the needs of the project - a factor that was particularly pleasing to the client. 

Overall the project in Syracuse was a great success and emphasised the strength, versatility and benefits of utilising the Emtek panel with extreme ground conditions. Based on the performance of the panels and crews on this contract, National Grid US now uses Anthony Hardwood Composites and the Emtek panels on all of its wetland access work in the New York area.

“The team from National Grid US was very happy with the works done in the New York area, both with the performance of the Emtek panels and it’s low impact on the environment, and also with the efficiency and speed of the AHC crews. We now use both AHC and Emtek on all projects in the New York area when we need access in extreme conditions.”

National Grid (US)

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