Stereophonics stadium cover

Customer Name

Kilimanjaro Live

Project Location

Cardiff, Wales, UK

  • Tiger Trak Stage Platform

Kilimanjaro Live was one of the first live music and entertainment promotors and producers to benefit from TigerTrakTM this summer.

The Heavy-duty, hand-installed aluminium system was deployed in record time without any use of heavy vehicles and cranes. Using a small team, the stage foundation was swiftly installed, allowing the structure company to quickly follow in behind with their stage build for the Stereophonics' 'Scream Above The Sounds' tour. 

Whilst the structure crew built the stage, safe from any surface trip-hazards, Live began the install of our Supa Trak pedestrian pitch cover, which enabled the engineers to erect sound and lighting control structures, video camera platforms and the sound delay towers.

Supa-Trac butted seamlessly with TigerTrakTM with no height difference, again, avoiding any trip hazards on the project. 

Kilimanjaro Live has used TigerTrakTM on a number of tour venues this summer and told Live: 

"Tiger Trak gives an incredibly neat finish and makes it so much easier to butt it up against other surfacing products. It went down quickly and easily, looked great and did the job we needed it to. I was very pleased with it" - Zac Fox, Head of Operations, Kilimanjaro Live