Solar Farm Accommodation Village, Portsdown Hill

Eve has been involved in a number of projects within the solar and wind energy sector, but none larger than the £55million Solar Farm at Portsdown Hill.

Customer Name

Evios Energy Systems and Arun Construction

Project Location

Portsdown Hill, Hampshire

Products Used

Box Trakpanels, EuroMats


October 2014 - December 2014

The massive project, which began on site in October 2014, is a 225 acre development containing three solar farm sites and delivers a 49 megawatt energy supply from the 165,000 solar panels installed by the client team.

A major element of the project was the expert skilled labour provided by German company, Evios Energy Systems. The Evios team has vast experience in delivering solar farms, and Eve’s key involvement in the  project has been the construction of an Accommodation Village for the operatives to live in during the six month construction phase.

Delivering through collaboration

To deliver the Accommodation Village, Eve worked closely with A-Plant, who provided the accommodation units, water bowsers, toilet and wash facilities, together with power units and other ancillary services. The base of the village was provided by Eve, utilising both aluminium and plastic trakway panels. For this, Eve supplied 135 Euromats, together with installing 150 Box Panels.

The overall project has been a logistical challenge for Arun Construction, who appointed a dedicated logistics team to co-ordinate the movements of transport and plant, including deliveries to site. Various elements of the A-Plant group, including Eve worked, closely with this client team to ensure all vehicle movements, deliveries and installations were undertaken in a timely fashion to minimise disruption and mitigate any health and safety risks. 

Working alongside A-Plant, the Village element of the project was successfully delivered, with over 50 skilled operatives able to access and utilise the facilities on the Portsdown Hill site.

Major investment to support customer needs

In addition to the work Eve undertook on the Accommodation Village, an unprecedented amount of plant and ancillary equipment was hired from A-Plant to service the installation of the solar farms, delivered from their Fareham depot. This required A-Plant to invest approximately £750,000 in a significant amount of new plant including twelve new 13 tonne excavators - a milestone for the group as traditionally they have not operated machinery of this size. 

Sustainability benefits

Working on a site designed to provide environmental benefits, Eve added an extra layer of sustainability by supplying the trakway from local centres carrying the relevant stock. This cut down on the number of long-distance deliveries and significantly reduced our carbon footprint when working on the project, together with generating cost savings overall for the client.

The huge Solar Farm went live on 27th February 2015, and both Eve and A-Plant feel proud to have contributed positively to an innovative and important renewable energy project. Members of both teams worked collaboratively to produce a solution for the client on the landmark project. By offering a full package of products and plant, the two companies have been able to deliver a turnkey solution, demonstrating the advantages of one source of supply and the combined strength of the group of divisions.

“I would like to thank both Eve and A-Plant for the work they have done in creating a suitable and safe accommodation area for our team of operatives. A key element when our staff work away on solar projects is that they are able to feel comfortable in their living areas, and the Village created at Portsdown Hill has been high quality and helped contribute to what is a successful and significant project.”

Marcus Mayer, Evios Energy Systems

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