Safe Transportation of Scotland's Tallest Onshore Wind Turbines

Live engineered a series of ground levelling solutions to ensure the safe transportation of Scotland’s largest onshore turbine’s blades.

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Collett and Sons

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The 57-meter blades were transported 26 miles from Grangemouth docks to a remote location where the last few miles were deemed impassable because of the undulating road conditions. Collett Transport appointed Live to assist in the delicate movement of the blades, using a remote control, rear-steered, 60 meter low-loader vehicle.

Live sourced traffic management services and of course designed the solutions to level out the highway’s undulations, reducing any flexing of the low-loader and most importantly negating any risk of the vehicle ‘grounding’ and damaging it’s brakes and power cables.

The operation also included the removal of street furniture along the route to allow the load’s overhang to pass freely over walls and hedges. Periodic road closures and a Police escort assisted the whole project for the successful delivery.

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