Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup, the world’s most famous and prestigious golf tournament, came to Gleneagles in Scotland in 2014, and Eve was right at the heart of the project as sole supplier of trakway, fencing and barriers for the event.

Customer Name

Ryder Cup Europe Limited


Gleneagles, Scotland

Products Used

Hybrid Panels, Box Trakpanels, Event Panels, EuroMats, Supa-trac, LD20, Crowd Control Barriers, Mesh Fence, Swing Arm Barriers, Aluminium/ Steel Vehicle Bridge

Eve’s involvement with this event began in early 2013, working alongside the Championship Director to understand the needs of the client from the initial tender phase. This included Eve’s dedicated project team undertaking site visits to plan the works in a unique environment, and ensuring that each project partner was working together to reach the same goals.

Eve was awarded the contract due in part to the successful delivery of temporary access works and a crowd control solution at the Scottish Open Golf Tournament which Eve has supplied for a number of years. The Ryder Cup Europe team had specifically requested that based on this experience, Eve’s local team should be involved at Gleneagles.

There were many key challenges to overcome in the build up to the tournament, especially in the heart of Scotland where the weather was ever changing and monitoring ground conditions was of major importance. The team worked alongside the Gleneagles site operatives to ensure that the golf course remained in pristine condition throughout the build phase in the lead up to the event, and then throughout the practice and tournament days in order to maintain the image that a world class event such as the Ryder Cup creates.

The main site was very restricted in terms of access with tight roads around the course, together with the added element of multiple contractors of different trades often working in densely populated areas and spaces. This was overcome by effective teamworking, great communication and work schedule planning (including the use of bespoke cloud based project management software ‘WeTrack’ at the request of Ryder Cup Europe); this enabled great relationships to be developed with the client and the other contractors on site.

Hours of work were restricted to ensure that local residents were not affected during the build up to the tournament. Eve also installed over 3km of mesh fencing to screen the site from the public to minimise disruption.

Ryder Cup Europe’s team and Eve worked very closely during the tournament, and due to the inclement weather becoming a major issue right before the tournament, there were many last minute changes and additions. The benefit of Eve’s local delivery team was that they were able to respond quickly to these changes and dealt with each request efficiently and 
effectively. Where the client needed additional equipment, Eve made life easy for them by project managing this demand and sourcing from alternate suppliers where demand outweighed Eve’s local stock levels.

Together with working on the main tournament, Eve was also the sole supplier of temporary roadways, walkways, barriers and fencing for the Junior Ryder Cup, which took place during the same week at a different venue, and the three tournament Park and Ride locations. This highlighted Eve’s ability to project manage across multiple sites at the same time.

In total, the Eve team supplied and installed over 8,000 aluminium panels at Gleneagles, 8,500 Crowd Control Barriers, nearly 4,000 Mesh Fence Panels and three vehicle bridges ranging in size from 7 to 11 metres. The project was a logistical challenge, especially as the team was engaged in a sole supply contract for the Commonwealth Games, also held in Scotland. A positive outcome was achieved by working as part of the client team for the entire duration of the project.

Overall, the project was very successful for Eve, Ryder Cup Europe Limited, and, as it turned out, the European Ryder Cup Team who retained the trophy with a dominant performance!

“Working with the Ryder Cup team from inception to execution proved invaluable for this contract. The site at Gleneagles had it’s own challenges and working collectively we were able to overcome all of these very quickly. Having a local depot and a local team working on site was vitally important and helped demonstrate a commitment to the local economy. The project could not have gone any better from our point of view and we are already working with the team to assist in their planning for future tournaments.”

Emma Farr, Account Manager, Eve

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