Riverbank Rectification Works

BAM Nuttall was appointed by the Environment Agency to undertake works to rectify a number of issues with regards to river banks throughout the South West of England as part of their Asset Recovery Programme.

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BAM Nuttall (on behalf of the Environment Agency)


Various throughout the UK

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The project in St. Blazey in Cornwall presented a number of challenges; there were obstacles that needed to be overcome regarding access to the sites, ground protection and avoiding any environmental contamination.

A versatile, temporary solution

Eve worked alongside BAM Nuttall to develop an approach to their specific needs using Euromats. The product is a man-handleable, plastic (high-density polyethylene), medium-duty temporary roadway system that can support most vehicle and plant weights.

BAM Nuttall hired 100 of these plastic mats for use at some of its 60 sites in Devon and Cornwall. Eve’s Project Managers worked alongside Site Engineers from BAM to provide advice on how to install the Euromats, and the customer was then able to transport and deploy these mats to the works locations using their own vehicles and staff. 

The project, which ran succesfully throughout 2014, involved BAM utilising the Euromat trakway system on sites where it had been necessary to create access for dumper trucks and plant, including a 13 tonne digger.


The benefits for BAM using the Euromats have been significant. Damage to the ground around the  riverbanks was a potential problem, due to the weight of vehicles and plant undertaking the work, but this has been negated, and vehicles have not created ruts in the ground in any of these working areas owing to the trakway system. This can be evidenced by the fact that since the project began, only minor remedial works have been undertaken on any site following the removal of the Euromats.

Another advantage that can be derived from the ground not sustaining damage, is that heavy plant has avoided getting stuck. This can be a costly mistake, with damage being sustained to the ground and time lost on site.

The versatility of the product has also assisted BAM Nuttall with its works. At its site in Tavistock, the Euromats were used to create a ramp for an 8 tonne Bobcat, with the anti-slip surface creating the perfect platform to complete the works.

Collaboration with A-Plant

Eve has also provided another benefit to the customer through its integration with A-Plant. Through the A-Plant Service Centre network, BAM was able to source the Euromats from the Service Centre in Bodmin, thus creating environmental and cost savings with the mats being delivered from a local source.

BAM Nuttall also worked alongside A-Plant to source further plant and equipment including bowsers, diggers, dumpers, accommodation units and the Power Cube, enabling a highly eco-friendly power source on site.

The project has been a great success and Eve’s involvement has been key in the outcome. BAM’s General Foreman, Shaun Weir, said of the works undertaken, "Had the Euromats not been used, there would have been significant damage that we would have had to rectify."

“The areas we have used the Eve Euromats have included sites that were previously marshland and open fields. The Euromats have protected the ground from very heavy plant, and no remedial work was required at all when the work was completed. Hiring the Euromats has also allowed us to be self sufficient as we have been able to transport and install the products ourselves, knowing that we have expert back-up from Eve’s Project Managers when needed."

Lawrence Jones, Site Engineer, BAM Nuttall

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