Emergency Rapid Response

"Despite the peak season in the trackway sector, this derailment required an emergency response."

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Lion Panel

A rail emergency was quickly responded to when LION jumped into action this July. Despite the fact that it is LION's busiest time of year, three installation vehicles and crews were deployed to Lincolnshire. LION created a 600 panel trackway access road and laid outlying kerb protection for Ainscough cranes and Network Rail's teams.

Our record holding 43,000+ stock of panels allows us to hold back a proportion of stock for such emergencies and for customers who may require more panels at short notice. This service is unique to LION and essential to allow rapid responses such as this.

The portable roadway had to support a 200 tonne and an 800 tonne crane. To stabilise the cranes and allow access for several articulated lorries, we also built a 200+ trackway pad. As soon as we had the call, we were on site within 2 hours and completed the installation in under 36 hours.

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