Olympic Stadium Receives Delicate Ground Protection

Failure was not an option for LION when contractors discovered that Olympians wouldn't be the only traffic running on their brand new athletics surface.

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Lion Panel

LOCOG’s tight timescales created the most challenging of demands during the Olympic village construction and LION’s mettle was put to the test when it transpired that two, 200 ton cranes would have to travel around the brand new surface to lift equipment up to the roof of the stadium.

Because of the Games' immovable deadline, the risk of the slightest damage would be catastrophic, so LION’s expertise was called upon to provide ground protection and ensure the delicate surface was carefully protected.

A special composition of materials was applied to the track to dampen the weight and protect it. LION carried out detailed photographic documentation to provide assurance at every stage. We also located a quality assurance crew on site to supervise every vehicle movement on the trakway and remain on-hand for repositioning panels to accommodate the crane’s changing positions.

The timescales and logistics were challenging and LION had to work collaboratively with other contractors working on the stadium. Operations changed minute by minute and it was down to our team and our easy to lay and recover product that kept the whole process flexible, otherwise the timescales would have been impossible.

Needless to say, the fragile surface was left unblemished and all other operations were allowed to continue without disruption.

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The Lion panel is our premier aluminium trakway systems. This award-winning system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The system has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.

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