Multi-million pound aircraft move

  • Muddy ground
  • Live Trakway stansted
  • Stanstead Airport College
  • Trakway jet
  • Trakway jet

Stansted Airport College, the first of its kind in the country, has taken delivery of a £multi-million jet to provide students with hands-on experience to support their aviation related studies.

Live made the delivery possible by providing a time-critical, temporary access operation, that negated haulage risks.

Under security supervision, the task involved 26 meters of airside fence removal to allow Live to swiftly install LionTrak, our market-leading, heavy-duty aluminium trakway system. Since the initial site survey, the ground conditions had deteriorated substantially and extra steps were taken to accommodate this. We also created a bespoke ramp to lift the aircraft wings high enough to clear a gas main obstacle.

Despite an initial unforeseen security delay, the aircraft was mobilised and positioned in the allotted timescale, receiving many compliments from the project's stakeholders.

“This was a tight project with a few unforeseen hurdles, but with our crew, the help of the airport and the customer pulling together, the team ensured it was a success” Live Project Engineer, Alex Shambrook