Magna Carta 800 Celebrations

The Magna Carta 800 project was a celebration of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. The event, held in June 2015, was attended by HM The Queen, members of the Royal Family and various other high level foreign and domestic dignitaries. 

Customer Name

Apollo, Bouygues, Surrey Police


Runnymeade, Surrey

Products Used

Box Trakpanels, Police Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, Mesh Fence

Eve was appointed by the clients to provide a variety of access and security solutions to allow the celebrations to take place safely, to allow the launch of historic boats as part of the event, and support the construction of security bases for members of the Surrey Police.

At the location of the main event stage in Runnymeade, Surrey, Eve installed a main pad and back stage area utilising Box panels, a heavy-duty aluminium trakway system. This was installed during a tight four day period, and also included providing a pad area for the main contractors’ compound and high security area. Eve worked alongside representatives from Apollo to design and project manage all elements of this key challenge, together with supplying support and stand-by teams during the event to mitigate any risks to members of the public.

The security of such a high-profile event, especially with the involvement of the Royal Family, was a crucial component to the success of the celebrations, and Eve collaborated with Surrey Police to support the construction of their security bases. Eve provided a further 200 Box panels, 1,200 Police Barriers and 450 linear metres of Mesh fencing to enable these bases across two locations to be securely constructed, with all barriers deployed and recovered on the day of the event.

A further part of the Anniversary celebrations was the launch of 40 historic boats into the River Thames at Runnymeade. Eve again worked alongside their client, Bouygues, to provide 60 metres of trakway to the river edge, together with the construction of a ramp off the river bank into the water to enable boat trailers to reverse into the river. This proved a challenging and technical element to the works, but was successfully completed enabling the boats to be launched, with the retrieval of 70 historic craft after the event.

Eve was proud to play a part in the celebrations of the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta and all involved were delighted with the successful outcome.

“The Magna Carta celebrations proved to be a technically challenging and complex project, with the involvement of three clients, each with very specific and differing requirements. Working in close collaboration and understanding the intricacies of the various elements was key to ensuring that deadlines were met, to the satisfaction of our clients, and the Eve crews worked very hard to achieve these goals. The trakway, barriers and fencing Eve provided did a superb job in forming essential elements in the success of the event, and we are delighted to have been part of such an historic event. ”

David McLeod, Sector Leader, Eve

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