Latitude Lake Stage

Access specialist Dennis Butcher is one of the most experienced consultants in Trakway. He was responsible for the first track panels to be installed as a perimeter fence for Queen in 1986 and has worked on Madonna and Michael Jackson tours. More recently he’s consulted for Robbie Williams, One Direction and AC/DC. 

Customer Name

Festival Republic


Henham Park

Products Used

Lion Panel

For Festival Republic’s Reading, Leeds and Electric Picnic festivals, LION provides all temporary access on a multi-year-contract, working to strict sustainable, environmental and safety regulations. However, for the innovative, award-winning festival Latitude, they wanted Dennis and the team to look at something rather unique.

A working partnership
LION work closely with everyone at Latitude, right from the planning stage. Our teams add real value to the operations without interruption, supporting the whole build and maintaining flexibility throughout such as where sections of roadway are relocated for the next phase, reducing overall hire costs. LION also remains flexible to unforeseen changes. We provide a stand-by crew to monitor the performance of the installations and ensure everything stays in place. An important safety aspect where heavy traffic is active.

Innovative thinking
Ever creative, Festival Republic asked LION to create a platform to construct a ‘floating’ stage. To be totally safe, LION designed a solution for installing LIONtrack panels at the bottom of the park’s lake. The bungs in the panels, which prevent dirt entering, were removed, allowing water to fill the chambers and help keep the panels submerged. Two crews worked in tandem to simultaneously push each end of the runs gently into the lake and after weeks of planning, the installation was complete in around an hour! 

LION are experienced in underwater installations after undertaking tidal projects to hoist offshore wind farm power lines into shore, but Dennis fondly remembers installing his first underwater roadway for the TV show Some Mother’s do 'ave 'em in the 1970s, when Michael Crawford rode a motorcycle underwater on trakway through the River Thames!

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The Lion panel is our premier aluminium trakway systems. This award-winning system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The system has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.

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