Meticulous Ground Protection for Europe's 3rd Largest Stadium

Since 1884, Croke Park in Dublin has been host to most major Gaelic games and more recently, some of the World’s largest concerts.

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Lion Panel

At a capacity of 80,000, it’s Europe’s third largest Stadium and adopts the Desso GrassMaster playing surface, composed of natural grass combined with artificial fibres that are injected into the surface. As the grass grows, the roots intertwine with the artificial fibres. This technique claims to create a more solid, even structure with better drainage and 'playing comfort'.

The hugely popular boy band, One Direction, scheduled 3-nights at Croke Park which was a sell out. So, to protect the hallowed turf, the stadium removed a section of the pitch where the mammoth stage would be built and placed the turf into controlled storage, ready to be re-laid once the event had taken place. With our constant investment into new panels, we were able to install ground protection using ‘virgin’ trakway to the area. This lowered the risk of any soil contamination and in turn provided a very stable working area and stage platform for the concert organisers.

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The Lion panel is our premier aluminium trakway systems. This award-winning system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The system has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.

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