Download Festival

It wasn’t just the artists providing ‘Heavy Metal’ at this years Download Festival! Eve has been involved in supplying access and crowd control solutions to Download for many years, and was once again on site at Donington Park during the set-up to this important date in the rock music calendar.

Customer Name

APL Events (on behalf of Live Nation)


Donington Park

Products Used

Box Trakpanels, Hybrid Panels, K Trakpanels, EuroMats, SupaTrac, LD20, Crowd Control Barriers, Police Barriers, Mesh Fence


May 2015 - June 2015


Eve began the build phase of the project in late May 2015 with the installation of trakway panels around the project site. These panels would be used to provide access for members of the public to the performance areas, together with protecting the ground in the backstage areas, and providing a safe route for festival-goers to the campsite areas. Working alongside the customer, Eve’s project team had identified the need to utilise a variety of trakway, including both aluminium and plastic systems. By working closely alongside the customer team, Eve’s on-site crews were able to understand the tight deadlines and very specific needs of the project, and were able to react quickly to any changes. The trakway (approximately 2,000 aluminium panels and a further 8,000 plastic panels) was installed during a two-week period, with the last panels laid a day prior to the opening night of the festival. 

Alongside the installation of the trakway, Eve installed over 3,000 Crowd Control Barriers together with 300 Police Control barriers, used for crowd control and demarcation, together with ensuring the safety of the 120,000 revellers.

Further security and safety were provided by a staggering amount of Eve’s Mesh Fence, of which approximately 28km were installed in various areas around the site.

Project Success

The festival was once again a huge success with the likes of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Muse and Kiss entertaining the crowds. The weather turned inclement during the weekend, so Eve’s trakway proved even more vital to the festival, allowing safe access for vehicles and pedestrians alike, helping to get people to see their favourite artists.

Eve is proud to have played a part in the continued success of the Download Festival, and hope to be involved again as the rock fraternity descend on Donington Park in future years.

“It was a pleasure to be involved in a huge and prestigious festival such as Download. The build stage was challenging but through close liaison with the customer and with the project team and logistics within Eve, we were able to deliver and install the right equipment on time and to meet specific needs and timescales. Regular communication between all parties was key to the success of this contract, and the feedback from everyone involved has been very positive.”

Kimberley Ashmore, Project Manager, Eve

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