Crane 'Walks on Water' for Transmission Construction Access

LION (Now Live) virtually performed a miracle in the middle of a very wet German winter. The route along a transmission line required heavy access to enable the construction of five new towers, but the route of the line spanned miles of flooded marshland. The existing towers were practically sinking into the bog, so we were called in after competitors had refused to attempt the project.

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Alpine Energy

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With our vast experience, we were confident this was achievable, despite the high content of water in the ground. We surveyed all five sites and found they had varying degrees of fluidity so a unique solution was designed to cope with each one individually. Each site had their own challenges. From acres of six-feet-tall, mature vegetation, to flooded areas which couldn't even support the weight of one person.

We engineered a series of solutions including bridging over dykes, stone entrance roads and multi, cross-bonded trakway under the transmission routes. Most sections were three panel deep and up to four panels in the harshest areas due to further flooding from snow and rain. To make matters a little trickier, the area was listed as a conservation habitat, so disruption had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Because of the flooding, each site was accessed with virtually no working areas for offloading stockpiles or turning of vehicles. The temporary roadways had to be laid in three or four panel deep staggered formation, then reversed onto to keep our own 18 ton installation vehicles afloat as we progressed across the sites. The 5000 panel, 2 month project was a challenge, but each new tower site was accomplished within the timescales, allowing the construction to begin by 'floating' a 50 ton crane.

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The Lion panel is our premier aluminium trakway systems. This award-winning system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The system has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.

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