Commonwealth Games 2014

The 20th Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow in 2014, becoming the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland with around 5,000 athletes from more than 70 nations, competing in 18 different sports. Eve was right at the heart of the Games, working alongside the organising committee providing vital access and infrastructure works.

Customer Name

Glasgow 2014 Limited, Jack Morton Worldwide, Glasgow Life



Products Used

Box Trakpanels, Hybrid Panels, Event Panels, EuroMats, Supa-trac, Terraplas, Pedestrian Bridge, GT Lightweight Barriers, Ramps

Understanding the project requirements

Eve’s bid team began working with the OC in early 2013 to understand their specific requirements for this prestigious event. In March 2014, after a comprehensive bidding process, Eve was delighted to be awarded a sole supply contract for all their vehicular and pedestrian access needs. The contract also included the supply of additional products such as pedestrian bridges and a full suite of unbranded accessories to complement the existing supply agreement. To ensure that the contract ran as effectively as possible, this was to be delivered by a local project team based at Eve’s Lanark Service Centre.

The Eve team started on site at their first venue, the Athletes Village, in early May 2014, and faced a number of challenges, one of which was keeping their activities confidential and dealing with the interest from the public. All personnel working on each of the venues were subject to a non-disclosure agreement and had to overcome the added pressure of the media asking questions about what they were doing and why, especially as many roads were closed to complete the works. The operatives were highly professional in the face of this pressure, concentrating their efforts on meeting the demanding timescales outlined in the client’s programme of works. All venues had extremely restricted access, therefore the project team had to ensure that all accreditation had been granted on a daily basis to ensure there would be no delays the following day. Accreditations changed dependent on the particular contract stage – Fit Out / Bump In / Games Time / Bump Out - our management team had to ensure correct accreditation had been collected and issued on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

A challenging (and exciting) 2014!

The largest challenge throughout the duration of the contract was the team working across multiple locations, whilst at the same time, working on other large events such as the Ryder Cup, T In The Park and the Scottish Open. The team worked on more than 20 venues in total, dealing with ever changing requirements including alterations to equipment and challenging timescales. Eve committed to providing an experienced and highly qualified team of personnel to this contract; these individuals worked extremely hard to meet the demands of this world class sporting event, undertaking multiple night shift installations/ recoveries for the pedestrian bridge at Strathclyde Park and pitch protection for the Closing Ceremony at Hampden Stadium, all to ensure disruption was miminised and that the venues were completed on time, as per the contract specification. In addition to their own employees, Eve worked closely with local suppliers to source further labour where required. 

Making the Games successful

One of the key factors in the success of the project was running major elements from their Lanark Service Centre. Working from a location which was based only 20 miles from the main competition venues enabled Eve to react very quickly to any changes or additional requirements, together with ensuring a maximum two hour response time for maintenance during live time at any of the venues. Over 80% of the stock utilised on the Commonwealth Games contract was from the 2014 fleet, but also delivered and managed from the Lanark base, ultimately saving the client time and money, together with falling in line with their sustainability ethos.

In total, Eve supplied over 3,000 unbranded aluminium trakway panels, over 20,000m2 of plastic walkways and a further 500 plastic Euromats. These show class pieces of kit were used in all of the competition venues, Live Zones for Festival 2014, in the Athletes Village, and could be seen in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, amongst the dancing teacakes and the sea of competitors. 

The Commonwealth Games were a major success and a highlight in what was a huge year for sports in Scotland, of which Eve has been exceptionally proud to have played a vital part.

“Thank you so much for your continued support and assistance during the Games. Eve have been great!!! I hope to work with you again in the near future.”

Monique Pennycooke, Commodity Co-ordinator, Glasgow 2014 Limited

“Working on such a high profile event as the Commonwealth Games was a truly memorable and exciting experience. We worked tirelessly from initial bidding phase through to contract completion, managing and meeting various requests within minute timescales. Managing multiple locations with their own delivery teams and with products ranging through our entire portfolio proved to be ever changing and challenging; however, to have played such a critical part on this prestigious event was fantastic, and something we would all love to do again.”

Emma Farr, Account Manager, Eve

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