Chorley Flower Show 2016

Now in its second year, the Chorley Flower Show 2016 took place at the end of July in Astley Park and featured a wide variety of attractions, horticultural displays and trade stands.

Customer Name

Chorley Council


Astley Hall, Chorley

Products Used

Pontoons, EuroMat

The increased capacity of this growing event presented a challenge to the organisers as activities were taking place on both sides of the lake. This meant that a solution was needed to improve access and capacity, thus allowing people to safely visit all areas of the show.

Chorley Council initially approached Eve to provide a temporary bridge to span the lake but we were able to propose a much more cost effective solution by suggesting the use of pontoons.

Eve’s Pontoons are a certified system that can be used to create access over any type of water, whether inland or at sea, still or tidal. Suitable for all situations, the Pontoons can be built in any configuration required and feature a nonslip surface made from Lupolen 5261 Z, one of the toughest high-molecular polyethylenes available.

The Pontoon system is very flexible as, depending upon the application, they can be connected in a number of innovative ways and even double stacked.

Taking just a day and a half, the build stage of the pontoon bridge began with the pre-assembly of various sized sections which were then joined together and floated on the water to one side of the lake. This main section was then quickly and easily guided into place across the middle of the lake with remaining sections following to create the desired 41.5 metre length and 4 metre width. Anchoring points on both banks ensured that the bridge remained stable throughout the duration of its use.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians using the bridge, the system was combined with edge protection, boarding and an artificial grass style surface covering which provided seamless access between the banks and the bridge itself.

Versus the intensive install required for a temporary bridge, the pontoon bridge provided a far more straightforward solution ensuring that wildlife was not disturbed in the process and eliminating the need for heavy installation trucks to access the banks of the lake.

In addition to the pontoon bridge, Eve also installed 286 Euromats on the site, which were used for access to the temporary car park at the flower show.

Why choose pontoons?

By using a pontoon bridge, significant cost savings can be made over traditional bridging solutions, both temporary and permanent. Installation times are also vastly reduced, taking just a fraction of the time to install over other methods.

With such a versatile system, we can be extremely creative with our designs so, however implausible the project may seem, our unparalleled expertise can help find the correct solution to suit requirements and budgets.

"To grow the flower show, we needed to move more elements across the lake and this left us with the issue of getting easy access to the other side. Putting in a temporary crossing on the lake was the ideal solution and the pontoon bridge was perfect in that is could be easily installed without disturbing the wildlife. Not only did it make it easier to cross the lake, it also proved a talking point for the show and it was the first time ever that people had been able to ‘walk on water’ in the park. The feedback from visitors was very positive with many commenting that it was ‘a great idea’."

Andrew Daniels, Communications and Events Manager, Chorley Council

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