Canon Expo 2015

Working for creative agency Imagination Europe, Eve supplied and installed 1,265 of their innovative dual sided temporary roadway panels complete with bespoke edge ramping, thus creating a versatile access solution for both vehicles and pedestrians from initial build phase throughout the duration of the event.

Customer Name

Imagination Europe Ltd


Parc de la Villette, Paris

Products Used

Hybrid Panels, Bespoke Edge Ramps

With the trakway installation taking place late September, more than 3km of roadway had to be installed within less than 16 hours to satisfy tenancy restrictions and to ensure the site was easily accessible for other contractors to adhere to the rigorous and complex site build. A variety of products were used during this initial phase to ensure a smooth surface for all users despite the site’s natural challenges. Bespoke panels were used to infill small areas where our standard products were too large and edge ramping was installed to create a smooth transition between temporary roadway and existing accesses.

By utilising our industry unique ‘grab’ system, we ensured on site productivity was increased whilst at the same time mitigating any health and safety issues on site.

During the Canon Expo, more than 18,500 visitors viewed the exhibition over the three days that the event was held.

After the successful event, we commenced with the repositioning of the trakway already on site and supplemented this with additional panels to form a fully re-configured site ready for a further event during the following month. This was a challenging task, however the onsite presence of our Events Contract Manager and experienced installation teams ensured we were again able to complete this within 16 hours.

Full de-rig commenced late November following the second event within Parc de la Villete with all products off-site as per the pre-agreed schedule.

Many challenges were overcome on these projects, including underground services, existing tight and narrow accesses and the natural terrain and obstacles along with HGV driving restrictions within France, however expert logistical and operational planning ensured we had overachieved deadlines for both events.

Working on such a high profile event as the Canon Expo 2015 was a truly memorable and exciting experience.

“We were extremely pleased with the work carried out by Eve in Paris, Steve Burlinson and his team were always smiling despite the early arrival and commencment on site, something that continued throughout the day and dim Parisian evening and on to starting the next day. All the equipment was clean and, with very little fuss, was efficiently deployed to all areas. The speed of the delivery was exemplary and any changes were swiftly dealt with. The derig was completed with the same speed and efficiency.”

Oliver Newin, Site Manager, Imagination Europe Ltd

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