Temporary Access for Bio-Solid Material Management and Distribution

The management and distribution of bio-solid materials by Viridor relies heavily upon frequent off road access, often by industrial and agricultural vehicles. Working in remote and rough terrain, the company needs temporary access solutions which offered flexibility, durability and also helped with the management of traffic, which is why after more than ten years, Eve remains Viridor’s preferred sub-contractor.

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Eve has been contracted by Viridor since 2002 to help in the transportation of bio-solid materials to be used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for agriculture. Working across East Anglia and the south east of England the level of transportation is intensive with an average of 600 temporary access systems, including off road access and farm land turning areas, and accommodating over 22,000 vehicle movements and deliveries, demanded per year.

With this level of service required, Viridor needed a subcontractor with a network of available crews and also a range of heavy-duty products to withstand the high levels of traffic from its heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to manpower, Viridor also identified some additional challenges for Eve to overcome. These included improvements in efficiencies, particularly in ground preparation time, offering greater ground protection and also limiting the risk of site theft. In response, Eve supplied a minimum of four crews on a daily basis to meet the service demands of Viridor. Eve was also best placed to provide a comprehensive service that could offer greater flexibility in busy periods. When it came to the challenges set by Viridor for temporary access products, Eve utilised their heavy-duty plastic panel TuffTrak.

A key benefit of Eve TuffTrak for Viridor was the flexibility it offered on site. Being made from polyethylene the panels are not rigid, so they follow the natural contours of the ground it is installed upon, this cuts out the requirement of ground preparation, reduces severe tracking and rutting – even on boggy or rough terrain - and in turn provides improved time efficiencies. The product also offered an anti-slip and durable surface for Viridor’s vehicles to run on and because they are chemically inert they have eco-sensitive benefits for specialist sites.

Eve created its Eve TuffTrak product as an alternative to aluminium trakway following a growth in plant thefts from remote areas, with the main aim of helping contractors reduce the costs of insurance, security and lost working hours. As a plastic trakway product, Eve TuffTrak doesn’t have the same scrap value as traditional aluminium systems making it less attractive to thieves but more appealing to companies such as Viridor who want to control their sites without the added expense of additional security measures.

Working closely together, Eve and Viridor have created a fantastic working relationship, with the TuffTrak panels providing the perfect solution for our customer, ensuring a firm (yet flexible!) base for the partnership.

“We have worked with Eve for a significant period of time now and we have never been anything but impressed with the company’s flexibility, professionalism and keenness to go that extra mile. The theft of aluminium track panels was a real issue on our sites, causing a significant amount of disruption to our work schedules. Rather than just accept a well-known industry problem, Eve worked with us closely to develop a solution that would not only tackle the theft, but provide us with an exemplary product fit for our purpose.”

Keith Perry, Bio-Solids Manager, Viridor
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