Berkeley Homes 2016

When B&T Plant Hire Ltd and O’Halloran & O’Brien Ltd, working on behalf of Berkeley Homes, approached Eve for temporary bridging to use on their new site in Fleet, Hampshire, Eve’s innovative thinking came to the fore and they were able to offer a solution that was not only cost effective but could easily cope with the daily demands of frequent, heavy site traffic.

Customer Name

B & T Plant Hire Ltd/ O'Halloran & O'Brien Ltd


Fleet, Hampshire

Products Used

Trench Crossing

Site preparation for the 300 planned homes required that thousands of tonnes of topsoil be removed and transported to another part of the site where it could be stockpiled until needed for the landscaping and gardens. This area was located on the other side of underground electrical cables and a stream that runs through the site. Once cleared, the groundworks for the housing estate could begin.

Being both functional and aesthetically pleasing, Eve’s Trench Crossing system provided the ideal option for the site, where gaps needed to be bridged to allow access for excavators and industrial vehicles up to a gross weight of 80 tonnes.

Eve installed two trench crossings, one of which bridged the stream whilst the second was used to protect the electrical cables. Both of the crossings were 4 metres wide and varied in span between 4 and 6 metres.

Able to accommodate loads of up to 80 tonnes when spread across 6 axles at 1.2 metre centres, Eve’s galvanised steel trench crossing system is ideal for vehicular access over any gap up to 5 metres wide. As it is a modular system, it is easy to install and can readily adapt to different widths in increments of 2 metres.

The units are supplied with 1.1 metre handrails, kerbs and feature a factory applied, anti-skid surface. They also have brackets which allow debris screens, branding, solid panels or mesh panels to be attached.

Although the trench crossings are a complete system, handrails can also be hired alongside them for increased safety or to create a pedestrian walkway.

The crossings on the Hampshire site, which is located on the edge of an 82 acre country park and is referred to as Edenbrook, will be in use for three months whilst the site is being developed for the three year build schedule to commence.

Why choose trench crossings?

The use of trench crossings can offer significant time and cost savings as they can be installed in a fraction of the time of other methods and can be dry hired for customers to install with their own equipment.

The modular design lends itself perfectly to swift configuration changes and the possibility to alter a single lane crossing into a dual lane crossing in next to no time.

“We were very impressed with the quality of the trench crossings supplied by Eve and the design allowed us quickly and effectively install the units ourselves. Once installed, they looked so good that they could almost be classed as permanent works. Now in constant use, we have been delighted with how the crossings have performed and are confident that they will fulfil our needs for the duration of the contract.”

Graham Hinton, Contracts Director, O'Halloran & O'Brien Ltd

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