A14 Reservoir Riverbank Repairs, Stowmarket

Eve were appointed by the Environment Agency to assist them in undertaking works to rectify a number of issues with regards to riverbanks at the A14 reservoir.

Customer Name

Environment Agency



Products Used

Emtek, Bog Mats, Hoarding Fence, 14m Vehicle Bridge



Historically, when water levels have risen, the resevior has broken its banks and flooded the surrounding area. To rectify the problem, 10,000 tonnes of clay needed to be delivered to the site where excavators would be used to rebuild the riverbanks.

The site in Stowmarket, Suffolk presented a number of challenges as the area is largely marshland, making it very difficult for heavy plant, vehicles and equipment to traverse the terrain. Using Eve’s unique Emtek mats, passage was easily created through the harsh landscape whilst respecting the surroundings.

Emtek mats are the first product from Eve upon which metal tracked vehicles can be run without extra precautions as the tracks do not damage the mats. Using the mats meant that the Environment Agency could use excavators and tracked dumpers to transport the clay required without damaging the land. This led to reduced remediation works afterwards along with reduced costs and a more efficient use of time on site.

The Environment Agency hired 395 of the 89 millimetre wooden mats for use on the Stowmarket project, along with 180 of Eve’s Bog Mats and the products were on site for a total of 13 weeks.

To allow access over the river for works to take place on both sides, a vehicle bridge spanning a total of 14 metres was required and this was provided by Eve. At 5 metres wide and 42 tonnes, manoeuvering the bridge into position was a challenge, requiring a 96 tonne crane for the installation. The crane had to travel across very wet marshland but the extreme load was expertly distributed using single, loose laid Emtek panels.

Eve also supplied hoarding and height restricters and, as part of A-Plant, were also able to assist in procuring 3 accommodation units, 2 welfare units, 4 excavators, 1 tracked dumper and 1 gator for use during the project.

Eve’s dedicated Project Manager worked alongside the Environment Agency to provide advice throughout the entire project, ensuring that the mats were performing at their best at all times.

A major advantage of using the Emtek mats onsite was a significant reduction in damage caused to the marshland as minimal movement was experienced during the use of the roadway. In addition, the weight of the heavy loads travelling over the mats was evenly distributed, causing greatly reduced levels of disturbance to the ground underneath when compared to other methods of access. Only minor remedial works were required following the completion of the project.

“The works carried out in Stowmarket to strengthen and heighten the riverbanks were vital in protecting the local residents from the effects of flooding caused by seepage through the banks. By making the banks stronger and wider, it has allowed for easier maintenance in the future. The land around the banks was not owned by the Environment Agency so they had to be mindful of the effects that their works would take on grazing meadows they had to gain access through. Our Emtek panel proved the ideal solution in minimizing remediation works that would otherwise have proved quite costly and time consuming.”

Carl Rumney, Head of Product Integration, Eve

“The Environment Agency were very pleased with the new Emtek mats and, during the 3 months onsite, they used the access route to its full capacity. It is likely that Emtek will now feature on many future projects. I have been delighted to see metal tracked excavators in use on the Emtek mats and have been impressed by how little movement there has been in the roadway, even under extreme loads”

Chris Tuttle, Project Manager, Eve

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