20,000 tonnes Climbs 1-in-3 Temporary Roadway

Last Winter incurred the worst rainfall on record and Story Contracting were keen to source a fail-safe product for an embankment re-grade on Network Rail's west coast mainline.

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Story Contracting

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Lion Panel

LION has spent many years conducting emergency works as well as planned maintenance operations such as this land slip repair. Ian Burney, one of our rail access experts set to work engineering a solution for the project. The 18 week, re-grade project was required over the winter period and had to guarantee the access and transportation of 20,000 tons of stone to re-grade 385 metres of embankment, together with the safe access of all plant and personnel.

Ian and his crew installed a 2km temporary roadway across the scenic landscape in Cumbria, avoiding any direct vehicular contact to the private farmland. LION ensure that any impact on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum and can provide 'near-clinical' installations for eco-sensitive sites if specified.

The undulating road had to withstand continued heavy traffic each day and provide a huge level of traction for 30 ton loads to climb the hillside for access to the offloading pad where the re-grading was required.

Our multi-purpose portable roadway, LIONtrack was installed using alternate sides, the more aggressive heavy-duty side was installed upwards for maximum traction on the inclines and the medium-duty profile for the flatter areas. The road was then pinned with steel ropes to provide extra security to reduce 'creep' on the steeper inclines and ensure minimal impact to the ground.

LION carried out regular quality checks over the project period to ensure the safety of the workforce and continued protection of farmland.

"The last project on this site proved a challenge with very heavy rainfall so we wanted assurance that this installation would provide a continuously solid solution in all adverse weather conditions. LIONtrack performed perfectly, allowing us to get on with the job in hand. LION are now a preferred supplier who's Engineer's years of experience have paid off."

Brian Monkhouse, Story Contracting

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The Lion panel is our premier aluminium trakway systems. This award-winning system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The system has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.

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