Water recycling

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Water cleaning

At LIVE, protection is a key activity, from ground protection to personal safety. And we don’t stop there, because we all have a wider duty of care to the environment.

Live Trakway cleaning

Thousands of our products operate across construction sites, Greenfield sites and coastal environments. Unavoidably, they attract all kinds of contamination such as bio-solids, concrete, cement, oils and other chemicals. It is essential that we have a robust operation in place for removing dirt and contamination from products and treat the water and wet waste to avoid any discharge pollution.

When it comes to waste water, it's not only a legal requirement but ultimately, it is our responsibility to review, research and continually improve our environmental and sustainable processes. 

Protecting marine and freshwater life

Unfortunately, build-up of silt can cause pollution by blocking sunlight to marine and freshwater life. It enters the gills of fish and suffocates them, but once settled; it can smother and kill their eggs and other bottom dwelling organisms. These organisms are then eaten by oxygen-hungry bacteria, which inhibits Co2 and the survival of all marine and freshwater aquatic life. In addition, changes in pH levels can cause ‘pH shock’, which also poses a threat to aquatic life. Once in the watercourse, pollution spreads everywhere and the problem escalates.

Water cleaning and recycling Live Trakway

Unfortunately, dilution does not work. We would need 4 x Olympic sized swimming pools of clean water to neutralise 1000 litres of polluted water! Alternatively, disposal of the water to other treatment companies would mean employing road tankers, resulting in air pollution from exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally friendly processing

Fortunately, our investment in equipment to remove suspended solids at our own depots without the use of strong industrial acids is helping solve this problem. To separate the contaminants, we add an environmentally friendly flocculent. Scientifically, this provides compression to the surface of the electrically charged particles, which prevents them from repelling each other. They attract together, become heavier and ultimately sink to the bottom in the system’s separation tanks. Through a series of weir and filtration systems and any adjustment to pH imbalances, the result is re-usable clean water!

Live Trakway water cleaning

Near tap water quality

In a laboratory water rating, where 1 = poor and 5 = Tap water, our waste water scores 4.5. In addition, we remove and dry the settled solids ready for recycling into usable top soil, sand and aggregate.

Live Trakway Recycled Water

Further responsibilities 

Our Vehicles are all Euro6 low emission, most of our products are recycled and fully recyclable again, and we have no plans to add any further plastic product to our operation. We operate on a ‘critical mass’ model which means our products travel the shortest distances from depot-to-sites or site-to-site, locally throughout Europe.


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