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Stone Haul Road vs Trakway

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Stone roadway Trakway

In construction, cost, time and environmental impact all have a major effect on your productivity, so we compared the construction of a 100m stone haul road with a 100m aluminium trakway run and found some surprising results...

Transport reductions

On average it requires around twelve tipper loads to lay a 100m of stone roadway, compared to just one Trakway lorry and trailer, vastly reducing cost, Co2 and disruption to the surrounding environment.

Stone haul road trakway

Timescale reductions

Stone requires eight days to lay, compared to just one day to install Trakway. Recovery would take only one day compared to many days to recover and grade the soil.

Stone haul road trakway

Environmental benefits

Stone roads require regular maintenance due to concentrated point loads and changes in weather which deteriorates the road's strength. Trakway requires very little or no maintenance over the duration of hire and it deflects 12 tonne axel loads, resulting in less compaction to the ground below. This helps the ground maintain its arable capabilities. Stone is expensive to dispose of and reduces the chance of the grounds arable capabilities.

Stone haul road trakway

Cost Savings

Trakway is typically only 25% of the overall cost and disposal of a stone haul road. Aluminium Trakway continues to be cost effective for up to 36 weeks hire, well within the timescales of planned works.

Stone haul road trakway


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