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Safety slip testing

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Hi folks,

In my previous Blog article, I talked about how fluid dynamics informed the design of our Trakway’s intricate tread and how that helps keep pedestrians and vehicles safe.

But how can your flooring contractor give you the assurance that their products are safe underfoot?

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For a safe solution, there should be two essential factors at work here:

  1. Geotechnical experience

    he understanding of ground behavior when a force is applied to it and how it can change at the point of liquefaction.

  2. Product design and capability

    Point 1. informs product configuration including load deflection and friction capabilities.

I’ve covered Geotechnics in more detail in another blog post about Liquefaction, but let’s look at friction testing today.

In 2011, to satisfy the London Olympics’ Health and Safety requirements, we employed an independent research consultancy to carry out slip tests on our proposed flooring products so that the results could be assessed by LOCOG as part of our tender process.

Pendulum slip-resistance tests

The consultancy has since provided tests on all Live's flooring products. The systems were tested using the HSE recommended BS 7976-2 Pendulum method, operated to the latest UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines.

The Pendulum test measures dynamic co-efficient of friction (CoF), slip-resistance to you and me. The test is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. Each product is tested with the surface dry and contaminated (with water to simulate rainfall). Each scenario is tested at varying angles; first in the principal direction of travel, then at 45º and finally 90º, resulting in a PTV for each outcome (Pendulum Test Value) and then a mean calculation is applied for an overall PTV.

The table below illustrates the slip potential based on the PTVs



0 - 24


25 - 35




Euromat Slip Test Live Trakway

Surface slip resistance will vary depending on the product material, weather conditions, wear of the surface and other contaminants.

The tread design of temporary flooring has a huge impact on the resistance too and we operate both market-leading plastic systems for lightweight application, and our own-designed, heavy-duty aluminium systems to ensure we provide the safest solutions possible, whatever the challenge.

Overall, our portfolio scored very well in the LOW RISK category which we hope gives you a solid assurance in our access solutions' capability (Reports available on request). 

Next time, I'll cover our geotechnical experience and how it has enabled us to make the impassable possible for over 50 years and you can read my last post here about our tread surface and how fluid dynamics informed its design to ensure a safer passage for pedestrians and vehicles. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this folks, feel free to comment below and until next time, stay safe!


PS, you can read further about how 'Fluid Dynamics' informs our tread design below...

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Wayne Mallaby

H Dale, Fantastic insight into anti slip measures taken into account during design, as you say the substrate the pedestrian/vehicle road way is placed upon is as critical. I have had some experience in this areas having been heavily involved in the manufacture of the plastic flooring used to cover Nottingham ice arena for concerts and the introduction of non slip surfaces such as knurled or co extruded non slip ribs.

On purely a selfish note, we have a click and fix plastic panel which might be worth a look as an alternative barrier fencing, it is a strong robust interlocking panel ideal for many applications, see our website for further details, if you are not the person who would deals with this would you be so kind as to forward our details to them.

Best regards Wayne Mallaby.

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