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Grass Roots Workshops

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  • Groundsman workshops

Live launched the first of its turf-protection workshops this week - hosted at Twickenham, the home of Rugby Union. UK grounds-care professionals united to air the challenges they face with a back-to-back calendar of sport AND touring events - two similar situations that come with very opposing challenges.

Dr. Christian Spring STRI

With the growth in the live music industry and the predictions of extending the ‘live’ season - the groundsman’s calendar is under increasing pressure.

The Sports Turf Research Institute’s Dr. Christian Spring kicked off a presentation predicting the future of pitch construction and immerging technologies in turf care. Dr. Spring offered valuable advice from his years of research as a sports turf scientist to help the groundsmen in their quest for optimum turf quality when faced with quick turnaround events.

The workshop discussed the challenges constantly faced with event production and the dichotomy of stripping grass or protecting it, which depends heavily on the timescales of the events.

When preparing for a non-sporting event, the two options of stripping or protecting the plant, both require different combinations of ground protection. One has to protect the crown of the plant and offer as many of the three basic growth requirements, light, air and water, whilst stripping the grass prioritises load deflection to retain the surface’s levels and protect the infrastructure underneath, such as irrigation and heating technologies.

Groundsman workshops

Another issue discussed was stage point loads and the issues that heavy structures can have with levels. With all these issues in mind, the group converged on the pitch to configure a few protective options to stimulate discussion. Several interesting ideas were configured, which the group handed over to Live and STRI to undertake further tests at STRI's research facility.

Live received great feedback from the group and everyone was keen to see the results of the research at the next meeting in Autumn.  

If any grounds-care professionals are interested in attending the next meeting at STRI in West Yorkshire, please get in touch with Mark Tennant at or on 08700 767676.

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