Our founding father John Robinson designed the first ever trakway panel in the 1960s and we have pioneered the access industry ever since. Our Geotechnical access experts have solved the most challenging of projects including the mobilisation of cranes across sinking marshland and enabled whole buildings to be moved in one piece.

Solutions not products

Rather than offer a catalogue of products, we will design the exact solution to your access problem and take the headache out of your hands.

Pioneering the industry

We designed the very first Track panel in 1965 and the first 'box' panel in 1995, which all temporary roadway companies use today. Our MD was responsible for the 'steerable' panel, winning the Queen's Award for Industry, and more recently, the latest aluminium Trakway system, the Lion Panel, which has helped us win SIX event industry awards thanks to its unrivalled level of strength and grip.

The pinnacle of temporary fencing

We were the first trakway company to position trakway vertically to create the early outdoor concert fences for the likes of Queen, Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 1980s. Our 4.12m high Super Fortress Fence was originally developed in 2001 to specifically combat the problem of ‘fence jumpers’ after the iconic Glastonbury Festival was swamped by ticketless fans in 2000. It is still the benchmark in high security temporary fencing and still in use today at Glastonbury festival, forming an essential part of the Festival’s licence.

Continual development

Since then, we have adopted a continual improvement strategy to question the reason of a particular task and ask ourselves if there could be a better way of doing it. This culture is promoted through an incentivised staff campaign to encourage good ideas to continually improve our processes and products.

We have brought to market a heavy duty plastic trakway system as a preferred alternative to aluminium and, more recently, introduced Emtek, our engineered hardwood panel system that replaces the traditional Bog Mat. The system allows access for steel tracked vehicles across the most challenging of environments.

With our dedicated R&D team, we are developing additions to our award-winning products that will further enhance customer solutions and maintain our pioneering position across Europe.