Our Company

Live is a merger of market leaders, LION Trackhire and Eve. A reunion of the pioneering team who created the commercial Trakway access industry back in the 1960s.

Early trakway deployment

With 5 decades of innovation, our Geotechnical access experts have solved virtually every challenge imaginable, from temporary roadways to transport buildings in one piece to underwater platforms for festival stage foundations, we have solved them all.

The Most Capable

Now the largest Temporary Access company in the World, we provide a tailored solution that guarantees the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles, whatever the environment or weather conditions.

Live is a perfect mix of client focus, inspiration, legacy, and a venturesome spirit, operating 250km of trakway, 200km of barriers and fencing, organised by over 350 experts. From five Service Centres across the UK and Germany we provide temporary access solutions to the Events, Infrastructure and Energy sectors all across Europe.

As part of A-Plant, together with the ability to provide a wide range of supporting tools and equipment, we have the support of one of the largest plant and tool hire companies in the World, who have already committed to invest heavily into the new Live operations.

The Most Recognised

The LION and Eve teams are regular award winners and proud to be recognised for innovation, quality installations and excellent customer service.

LION and Eve have dominated the event sector, awarded every year for best temporary roadways or barriers, not to mention individual recognition for business growth and customer services in the UK and Europe.

The Most Compliant

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20121 and RISQS quality certified. To keep your sites safe, we constantly review our procedures in line with industry legislation. Safety is paramount to us, so from Her Majesty the Queen, to a 1200 tonne crane, we guarantee the highest safety levels to all your pedestrians and traffic.

The Greenest

For your peace-of-mind, we can assure you that we do everything we possibly can to minimise our impact on our environment and this is reflected with our ISO 14001 Environmental.

The majority of our trakway is 100% recycled, which we recycle old stock back into new stock with virtually no environmental impact or loss of properties. Our vehicles are replaced regularly with ‘Euro 6’, low-emission models and our UK-wide depots ensure our products travel the minimum to keep our carbon footprint low.

Live Infographic 2018 (PDF, 1.21 MB)


Below you can view early footage of J.L. Eve Construction hand-recovering rolled trakway.